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Your best defense is to continually monitor possible misuse of your information. Our system scans black market Internet databases for where identity thieves buy and sell personal data. The sooner you know, the faster you can act.

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Credit Reports

Along with your other personal information, we also monitor black market activity for credit card misuse. Our program also includes an account with Experian Credit Bureau to live credit report checking, locking & other features.

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Why you need
MySafeLife Protection

In today's world there are innumerable ways a thief can get your information and use it to their beneift - and your detriment. It is really not a matter of if you will be at risk, but when. If you are not actively protecting yourself against having your information stolen, you are literally gambling with your personal and family's good name, credit and identity. Is it really worth it?

Identity theft is on the rise, affecting almost 10 million victims in 2008 (a 22% increase from 2007). Much of the success thieves find in identity theft is due the speed in which they act once they have obtained your information. 71% of fraud happens within a week of stealing a victim's personal data. You can best protect yourself by actively monitoring all of your information, from credit cards and social secturity number, to even your address and phone number.

The MySafeLife
Identity Protection Advantage

Most people don't get around to obtaining the protection they need, usually because it is either too expensive or just too much of a hassle. MySafeLife has overcome both of these obstacles in one simple and affordable program. We are dedicated to providing a superior service that is effective and affordable.

Though many credit cards and similar accounts have some level of liability protection, they often do little to help you actually correct your situation. Also, outside of some actual charges that may be waived if you contact a credit card company right away, there may be portions of those actual charges or fees you will be liable for. On top of all of this, there is significant time you will spend getting all of these things repaired, resulting in loss of wages and just outright frustration.

MySafeLife provides both a financial protection and peace of mind found in no other service. Both our $1 Million Insurance coverage and Recovery Butler programs give you the coverage you need in the case of any misuse of your identity.